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Advanced Email Extractor


Do you need fresh and active email leads for your online email marketing business? the best way to get fresh emails is for you to get it yourself from servers worldwide.
our bulk advance bulk email extractor can extract clean, fresh and targeted emails from top eCommerce and business websites worldwide.
Stop buying email leads because the has been sold to hundreds of people and the list is not targeted, sending a business email to a person who doesn’t need it is waste of time.
The best way to get targeted and fresh emails is to do it yourself with advanced email extractor, with this extractor you can get targeted email leads like “doctors email leads in California”
features of the advanced email extractor
1 Ability to extract fresh business emails from LinkedIn
2, Ability to extract fresh and clean unlimited emails from Facebook
3, Ability to extract fresh unlimited emails from twitter
4, Ability to extract fresh emails from any targeted business website or interested website you can get targeted clients from


Dollar: $20

Naira: 10000


Direct Payment Method

we accept manual and direct payment in the following medium below

Bitcoins:   3JxCNDgSywj8xaXv6xcTrMo2qoFfictuYU

Perfectmoney: U16234608

Nigeria Account:

Contact us for our account details

Notify us before and after payment with any of the medium below

Whatsapp: 09039878296 or +2349039878296


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